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Derivatives Trades & Hedging Structures

Taylor Louis LLP has over 17 years of expertise reviewing, drafting and negotiating OTC and exchange-traded contracts to hedges risk in connection with virtually any underlying asset class including fixed income, equity, credit, currency, commodity and energy. This includes comprehensive knowledge of the ISDA Master Agreement, Credit Support Annex and alternative credit support for trades such as guaranty agreements and letters of credit. Taylor Louis LLP can negotiate and document virtually any hedge and help clients comply with new Dodd-Frank and EMIR requirements. This guidance includes assistance in navigating the execution of ISDA's protocol packages based on new regulatory requirements. We also assist clients with futures and options trades in connection with equities, commodities, currencies and other underlying assets. The firm provides an informative training course on derivatives transactions and compliance with the new regulatory regime for derivatives trades. This service is excellent for growing entities looking to hedge financial risk across a variety of assets and transactions or seeking related advice.