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General Business & Contracts

Taylor Louis LLP prides itself on an in-depth knowledge of business formation and structuring contractual relationships across a wide variety of organizational and deal scenarios. Small and mid-sized businesses fuel economic growth and contracts must be tight and secure. We represent many clients with respect to formation issues, web-based application development, service contracts, international distributorship agreements, leases, debt financings, technology vendor agreements, promissory and structured notes and wide a range of business finance issues. Taylor Louis LLP will review your issue, discuss possible scenarios and outcomes prior to proposing a comprehensive solution. Our clients have a deep appreciation of this analytical method which blends business savvy with legal advocacy. We search for optimal outcomes by balancing current economic and financial conditions against developing trends. We believe our comprehensive analytical skills, accrued over the course of our combined 50 years of practice, are a significant advantage to our lean practice where we are able to provide clients with "Wall Street service at Main Street prices."