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Recent years have seen massive upheaval and instability in global financial markets. Although now encumbered by new regulations and laws, the markets are finally showing signs of a modest recovery. Deal flow is slowly increasing as investors gain more comfort with risk. Nevertheless, financial institutions and investors remain extra vigilant when entering into transactions. Careful legal analysis by experienced legal practitioners is more vital than ever. Complex transactions, made even more complex by under-developed and over-burdening regulations, now require greater scrutiny for risk management and compliance purposes.

Structured finance and derivatives are at the top of the complexity pyramid. As new regulations are finalized under Dodd-Frank financial reform, Taylor Louis LLP will undertake to keep you informed of changes and new requirements. We welcome you to visit our website occasionally and check this blog regularly as we discuss current topics and industry changes. Welcome to Taylor Louis LLP, a transactional law firm committed to protecting clients with creative solutions in today’s changing financial environment.

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